Our Guiding Principles

We honour

    Our cyclical flow as an integral part of mother nature

    Our sense of connectedness as women

    A renewed wonder of the gift of our female bodies

    The healing capacity women`s gatherings generate

    Our role as caretakers of our physical, emotional and spiritual environment

    The need to move from using and abusing to sustaining and restoring

    Diversity and new ways of relating to each other for a peaceful co-existence


Our Facilitators

We draw from a collective pot of wisdom spanning yogic, Taoist, shamanic and other lineages, and blend together teachings and lived experience to bring you an authentic offering of embodied transmissions and opportunities to rise together in a deeply held loving group process to discover and enrich our inner and outer connections.  Our facilitator team spans 6 continents for a true representation of a global sisterhood.  We are Women of the World.



Women of the WOW

We are proud to present the shaktilicious organizers of this groundbreaking festival, a group of women who are resident on this island paradise and ripe with experience, inspiration and desire to co-create a unique experience that supports women in claiming their birthright to be naturally strong, sexy, intelligent, mystical community members and leaders.  Over the years, we have become united through our shared devotion to our paths of self discovery, love and liberation.

Between us we have shared time together attending teacher trainings and workshops.  We have co-created women’s collectives and other festivals on the island, and we've formed friendships and appreciations for each other through living and working together and within this community.

Meet us (in alphabetical order)...




Dijan is an international yoga therapist and traditional tantra teacher. She created Rasa Lila by Dijan to help women embody the best version of themselves. She believes life can be experienced in a very juicy, playful, rich and loving way. The more we open up to life inside and out, the more we can serve others around us with our light. She invites you passionately on a journey of self-discovery, healing, empowerment and bliss. She is a solid practitioner of yoga and tantra for ten years and trained extensively in yoga therapy, dance, traditional tantra&deity yoga, Kashmiri Shaivism and initiated to several profound meditation techniques.




With more than a decade of personal practice and study, Hilary loves guiding women to reconnect deeply with their female bodies so they can move from shame, judgment, and disconnection to reclamation, honor and celebration of their feminine, sexual and creative essence. In her work as a women's sexuality and empowerment coach and workshop/retreat facilitator, she works with women to heal and awaken their sexual and creative energies as a way to fuel their whole lives and fulfill their heart’s highest callings. She loves working with groups and one-on one, and finds deep joy and fulfillment in blending Tao, Tantra, holistic sexuality, feminine self-care & yoga practices, and coaching in supporting women in their healing and awakening journeys.





After spending much of her life running away from herself, her wounds, her gifts and her power, Jessamy had to stop and re-assess. By choosing to turn and face herself and to slow down, she reclaimed her life. Her womb has become a place of inspiration to her. Her relationship with her cycle, her blood and her sexuality has slowly blossomed on this path of self love and acceptance. She bows to the opportunity to see her woman’s body and her femininity as her spiritual practice, her gnosis. To share this passion with others. To bring reverence and celebration to her own and the life of those around her. The visioning of WOW fest is her biggest song to that so far.All of Jessamy's work, what she love to create is intimacy. She loves this word play - In to Me see. And what she loves to offer is empowerment. Jessamy is a tao-tantric teacher, a moon-mother, a reiki healer, a theta healer, a body worker, a lover of EFT, a lover of herbs and plants as medicines, an aromatherapist in training. An energy medicine student. She has spent many years exploring and enjoying wisdoms and maps from many traditions: Taoism, Yoga, Astrology (Western, Vedic and Mayan), Human Design. She’s been working as a healer all her life, and with women in circle since 2012 weaving these tools into prayerful places of transformation and joy. Her own project on the island, GAIA TEMPLE, is also a co-created space for exploration, healing and relaxing into more of our beautiful, playful, spirited essence.




Prem Rasa

Prem Rasa works with tantra, human design and various healing modalities. She loves to support everyone who is genuinely looking for the True Self, uses tantric and healing methods to reach the unbreakable jewel of uniqueness and universality. Students feel very safe with her which enables them to open up to the Unknown. She studied with Ma Ananda Sarita, world known tantric mystic, who was initiated by Osho. In Bali she founded the space for tantric workshops The Womb Temple. She is a co-founder of the WOW Women of the World Festival and in the core-team of the One Tribe Festival. Rasa works with healing modalities Human Design, Reconnection, Shamanic Spiritual Healing, Chi and Karsai Nei Tsang. She is offering Empowered Women Training and Tantra Training for individuals and couples.


Our Volunteers

WOWFest is powered by heaps of loving women coming together to offer their skills in a variety of ways.  Thank you to our volunteers!

Behind the scenes of WOW: