Our journey is based around a deep path of embodied feminine wisdom and natural cycles – cycles of the moon, tides, seasons, elements and of course a woman’s menstrual cycle and the cycle of life itself. 


Each day of our gathering will represent one phase of a woman’s life cycle (maiden, mother, enchantress and crone), and there will be corresponding rituals, workshops, and celebrations to honor these different phases of womanhood, as they appear in our bodies and all of nature herself. 

Expect a variety of offerings including red tent, womb wisdom circles, feminine embodiment and self care, shakti yoga, ecstatic dance, chi kung, jade egg, breathwork, ceremonies honoring the elements, singing circles, shamanic gatherings, women’s leadership circles, kid’s area, healing space, evening rituals with men, vendors, and more!


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A Day at WOW Fest: 

09:00  09:30     Gathering, Opening Tea-temple with tea of the day (open all day)

09:30 ⇢ 11:00     Opening ritual & embodiment practice connected to season of the day

11:30 ⇢ 13:30     Workshops and community gatherings

》  Break for Lunch 《

15:00 ⇢ 18:30     Workshops and community gatherings // Sharing circle

》  Break for Dinner 《

19:00 ⇢ 21:00     Closing ritual & embodiment connected to season of the day

21:00  22:00     Evening winding down hour (kirtan, heart songs, dancing, love lounge, etc…)

Opening and closing circles are held in the main pyramid.  Workshops will be offered simultaneously in two different pyramids.  An ongoing red tent/healing space, tea temple/sound temple and kid's area will be available throughout the festival.  Please honor your inner rhythm and attend the sessions that feel most aligned.  There's so much available, so we recommend continually checking in with yourself, and making use of the red tent, tea temple and nearby beaches when your body is calling for some restorative moments.

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