A Celebration of Women and the Earth...


This is an invitation to all women...  Come and recharge, reconnect and reclaim more passion, purpose, and playfulness in your life and body.  Become part of a worldwide community of sisters here on Koh Phangan.  Here, in these 4 days, we'll strengthen our solidarity as vibrant women with a common purpose to connect deeply to ourselves, Mother Earth and each other.

Koh Phangan is ripe with shakti flowing from the earth, rocks and magical waters, and the soft yet powerful feminine vibe is easily felt in the energy of the land and the people who choose to live and travel here. This island is a unique place that draws women from all over the world who are ready to unveil the Divine Feminine within their bodies, psyches and souls. Many women come to our tropical paradise to learn, train, practice, and share different modalities that heal and awaken the feminine within. You can find a wide diversity of priestess, tantrikas, yoginis, witches, feminine embodiment masters, yoginis, energy and bodyworkers, astrologers, healers and the like on our island, here to both give their gifts and receive the wisdom of their sisters. And the best part is that we pride ourselves in having a wide, warm and welcoming community of women who embark on their journeys alongside one another.


Claim a renewed devotion and honor to the feminine,

both within yourself and all of existence. 


We come here to say YES to ourselves and each other as women, YES to our female bodies, and YES to the exquisite play of life that exists within us all.   After 4 days together, we walk away empowered to create, heal, awaken and lead as women in our own unique ways in the world, inspired to share our soul dance and renewed passions and purpose back to our wider communities.

Together we make space to feel it all.  Feeling our lost and broken parts loved and nourished.  Feeling met and seen and celebrated as the gifted mothers, sisters, lovers, healers, path finders and way forgers that WE ARE.  Feeling relaxed into ourselves, each other and all of nature, grounding more of our being here in this earth dance.

January 30 - February 2, 2019

ALL of YOU is Welcome HERE

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